Welcome to the EXPERT Intensive Skills Evaluation (EXPERTise). This program contains a series of tasks that are designed to assess your level of expertise. Please click on the project relevant to your industry and follow the instructions as your progress through the tasks.

Here is a list of all the programs:

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2Pediatric diagnosis *Study closed*
3Power Control *Study Closed*
4Weather-Related Decision Making in General Aviation (2014)
5Expertise in power systems control [2014]
6*DEMO* Pilot performance in Commercial Aviation *DEMO*
7CargoWise Expertise Assessment
8Communcation in Commercial Aviation
9Expertise in Power System Control - Ausgrid
10Digit use in air traffic communications
11Decision-making in personnel selection (i)
12Anaesthetist Decision-Making (Australia)
13Test Study v1
14Expertise in Electrical Rail Control
15Credit Risk Management
16Driving-related tasks [Macquarie University]
17Hydroelectric Power Generation
18Cue Utilisation and Psychomotor Skill Acquisition.
19Nurse Self-Efficacy
20Restorative experiment English1
21Restorativeness experiment - Italian version
22Restorative experiment English 2
23Decision Making in Forensic Accounting
24Managerial Selection Process1
25Cognitive Load Manipulation Check
26Anaesthetist Decision-Making (North America)
27Italian nurses cue pilot study
28Warfare Officer Tasks
30Expertise in Power Generation [2014]
31Train Control
32Social Cue Utilisation and Teams
33Decision-making in personnel selection (ii)
35Managerial Selection Process2
36General Aviation Weather Related Decision Making (2014)
37Safety Professionals in Aviation
38Sustainability Decision Making
39Project Management Sensemaking
40Commercial Weather-Radar Decision-Making